Here are some materials that I have written that will help you get started using STATA. These documents should get you started using STATA and reference a number of excellent tutorials available on the internet that are a treasure trove of information.

I have written a short STATA Tutorial that teaches you the basics about how to use STATA. It covers getting data into and STATA, a few basic commands that will help you explore your data, as well as introduces you to basic programming concepts in STATA.

This tutorial references a data set that contains a subset of the information contained in the Current Population Survey. You can download my cleaned version of this dataset here to work through the tutorial yourself.

Exploring Your Data in STATA provides some information about how to start exploring new microdata sets in STATA and cleaning your data. Large data sets can be difficult to understand due to their sheer size so this document gives you a few techniques to help you understand your data and make it intelligble to other people.

Common STATA Commands describes a few STATA commands that you will likely use quite frequently including doing things such as merging data sets and writing loops.