Gretl is an open-source statistical software package that has both a friendly graphical user interface and a scripting language.

Here are some materials that I have written that will help you get started using Gretl. These documents should get you started using Gretl and reference a number of excellent tutorials available on the internet that are a treasure trove of information.

I have written a short Gretl Tutorial that teaches you the basics about how to use Gretl It covers getting data into and Gretl a few basic commands that will help you explore your data, as well as introduces you to basic programming concepts in Gretl.

In order to complete the tutorial you will need to download a data file that I have cleaned from the March 2015 Current Population Survey. There are also two pieces of Hansl code linked below that complete the two tasks in the tutorial. Try to write the Hansl code yourself but use these as references if you get stuck.

Alternatively, you can download everything above in one big folder here.

I have also written a short document that describes common Hansl commands that will likely be useful to anyone that is just learning Hansl.

Of course, there is also a much more complete, official Gretl User's Guide and a Hansl Primer that will be useful once you work through all of these tutorials and offer great reference material.